The Freedom Vision:

“A world filled with authentic believers who’ve been set free and whose fruit is multiplied to reveal the splendor of the Lord”.

The Oaks Rising Journey

Oaks Rising is a Spirit-led discipleship and freedom process that was birthed out of the desire and hunger from hundreds of people who were set free and were left WANTING MORE!

Three Paths on the Oaks Rising Journey

GET FREE: The Freedom Path

LIVE FREE: The Discipleship Path

SET OTHERS FREE: The Freedom Coach Path

As you journey down these Spirit-led transformation paths you’ll discover multitudes of hidden treasure. Together as sons & daughters of God you’ll participate with God as He reveals more and more of the gold and gems that He’s placed inside of you and others. You certainly don’t have to wait until you get to Heaven to operate and synchronize to the Kingdom of God.

“Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.” – Matthew 6:10.

Pslam 51:6 invites us to experience God with “Delight and truth in the inward being,” and to be taught “wisdom in the secret heart.” When it is well with our soul, in the core of who we are, then it is well in every other place in us.


Once we surrender all, and invite Jesus to the center of every place—even to the moment we were first conceived, where we were knitted in our mothers womb—His light transforms every place we invite Him into. To discover more about an individual Freedom Coaching Session click here.


To view testimonies of those who’ve experienced transformation from the Freedom Path click here.